Why Do You Want To Change

By using the 5 Whys technique we can really drill down and find the answer to the question: Why Do You Want To Change and Why now!?

Why Do You Want To Change

If you've tried to make diet & nutrition changes in the past and failed, then you really need to pause and work on your WHY.

Here's a powerful technique, that I use with my clients, to really dig into what's driving the desire for change.

Why Do you Want To Change
Using The 5 Whys

It's called the 5 Whys and bizarrely comes from the Toyota Motor Corporation!

It's very simple and easy to use and cuts right to the core of why we truly want something.

So when you want to accomplish change, ask yourself the 5 Whys.

Each time of asking, digging a little deeper.

Here's An Example Of How To Use The 5 Whys to answer why do you want to change?

Coach: What would you like to accomplish?

Client: I want to lose body fat.

Coach: OK, so tell me WHY you want to lose fat?

Client: So I can fit into smaller jeans.

Coach: WHY is fitting into smaller jeans important to you?

Client: Well... When I am wearing smaller jeans, I look better.

Coach: Great, but WHY do you want to look better?

Client: Well, when I look better, I feel better about myself.

Coach: Good stuff, let's keep pushing...
WHY do you want to feel good about yourself?

Client: When I feel good, I feel more confident!

Coach: OK, WHY do you want to be more confident?

Client: When I am feeling confident, it makes me feel like I am better able to get what I want out of life.

You can see how you quickly get a LOT of detail out of a few questions.

This person's real driver was increased confidence and winning at life! We got that all from an initial answer of dropping body fat!


Now you can do this yourself, sit down somewhere quiet for 5 minutes and work through your 5 WHYs until you get to the true underlying driver for wanting change right now.

Treasure your WHY

When you have your own WHY worked out,
write it down on a post it.

Stick it to your computer screen, put it in your wallet or purse and refer to it whenever motivation is low.


You'll be surprised just how powerful a motivator having your
true WHY worked out can be.

Refer to it regularly to keep you on track.

Could You Benefit From Guidance & Accountability?

If you are struggling to implement sustainable change by yourself, then our online nutrition coaching courses
are just what you need.

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