Why Diets Do Not WorkThe Truth About Diets and Why They Do Not Work!

Diets don’t’ work – I know that’s a bold statement so let’s delve into the thinking behind it.

My favourite response, when I bump into someone who I haven’t seen for a few years is – ‘oh, so you’ve managed to keep the weight off!’ Now whilst this is a pleasant compliment, it is also confirmation of the fact that most people are subconsciously expecting anyone that has lost weight to actually gain it back again! This says a lot in itself about our experiences of how successful diets are.

Just so we are clear, I am defining a diet as a temporary state where calories are severely restricted to hopefully cause weight loss.

Diet = a temporary state where calories are severely restricted

These days there seems to be more and more fashionable diets arriving each week. Some can easily be sniffed out as rotten eggs, The Grapefruit diet, The Cabbage Soup diet etc. these can easily be spotted as dubious but others seem more credible and do gain huge followings. Well, sure, the better structured and less ‘way-out there’ diet plans do actually result in weight loss but here’s the problem, once the temporary state of a being in a diet is halted, in nearly all cases that is where the weight loss ends and rapid weight gain begins.

The startling truth is that traditional low-calorie Diets Simply Don’t Work!

I am sure many of you reading will have been through the cycle: Grinding day after day through a tough calorie restrictive diet and possibly reaching your goal – but what then? You know what you are doing is unsustainable and you can only continue like this for so long. Eventually you give in and the temporary state ends. At this point you will likely have achieved some progress (all that hunger had to be doing something?)

A high calorie deficit causes a loss of Lean Body Mass.

However, what the scales aren’t telling you is what has truly happened during the weight loss cycle. A high calorie deficit will cause a loss of body weight but what most people don’t appreciate is that if not done properly your body won’t discriminate between muscle or fat for fuel. A lot of you will be thinking – ‘I am not really concerned with how much muscle I have’ and fair enough not everyone wants to look like a gym goer but the important thing here is a loss of lean body mass (LBM) aka muscle will actually lower the daily calorie demands that your body has. This is one of the reasons for diminishing returns the longer you are on a diet. 

Now what typically happens next is that following a period of severe calorie restriction we are programmed to indulge (usually heavily) in what has been denied to us. The double whammy comes as your body is in a perfect biological state to accept and store calories as readily as possible. Having been starved through a high calorie deficit your body considers itself to be in a survival situation and yes you guessed it, these calories are stored as fat not muscle.

So the usual outcome is weeks or months of frustrating abstinence only to end up being fatter!

Some people repeat this cycle over and over thinking the problem is the diet, or that they are doing something wrong or just beat themselves up and tell themselves they need to be stronger! Well the truth is the model is flawed and this is Why Diets Do Not Work!

Why Diets Do Not Work – How To Successfully Lose Weight

Now we know why diets do not work, what is the answer? Well, the answer is to implement a set of sustainable habits and eating principles which can be applied in any situation and don’t leave you feeling deprived. This isn’t a short-term operating state – this is a change of lifestyle. I’ve actually been eating in this way for over 5 years now. It’s effortless, simple and hugely rewarding. Having this knowledge allows you to easily choose how to live your live. Once you have this capability it is a truly liberating experience.

So how does the Food The Facts Nutrition Programme differ from traditional diets?

Some key points to the Food The Facts Nutrition Programme:-

1. Centred around a change in eating habits.
2. Extremely easy to use. No points, no proprietary foods etc.
3. Based on natural, nutritious, unprocessed food.
4. Sample shopping lists are provided to give you the ability to start immediately.
5. Sample recipes included to guide you on how to implement the habits.
6. A quick-start guide allows you to self-implement changes prior to your first coaching session.
7. Will help you to retain and build Lean Body Mass.
8. If weight loss is the goal, uses a mild deficit to achieve controlled, sustainable weight loss.
9. No foods are off-limits – you won’t be told to never eat Birthday Cake again!
10. Is adjustable depending on progress.
11. Becomes an easy maintenance mode when the programme is complete.

If the above sounds of interest then check out the Nutrition Programme page for full details on how to sign up.

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