the best exercise to lose weight

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight

People often ask me, “what is the best exercise to lose weight?” They are usually very surprised by my answer! As you’ll discover, the best exercise to lose weight requires: no special attire, no special equipment, doesn’t involve a gym and can be done anywhere!

The simple fact is that the guys and girls that you see in the movies, at the beach, at a social event etc. that look in great shape, all have one thing in common, they have gained control of their diets.

It’s simply not possible to exercise out a bad diet.

You need to have overall control of your food intake to achieve a good physique.

The problem is, that in today’s fast paced society with lots of pre-made food, this can be difficult to achieve.

However, don’t dismay, I am going to share with you, the Single Most Powerful Exercise that is taught in all our Nutrition Coaching Packages that will allow you to start to gain control of YOUR diet TODAY.

So let’s get into it…

What is the best exercise to lose weight?

It might surprise you to know, that the best and most POWERFUL exercise you can perform to change your physique, requires no gym membership!

It's not:

  • Some fancy muscle confusion routine (Oh, please - fitness industry stop with this stuff!)
  • High Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) routines.
  • The latest celebrity Get Fit DVD!

The best exercise to lose weight is to focus on
slowing down the process of eating.

the best exercise to lose weight

Now this might seem too simple to be true but it is a fundamental and powerful exercise to achieving sustainable weight loss.

​Practising the habit of eating our food more slowly provides the important benefit of allowing our body time to acknowledge that we are actually full.

It is estimated that it takes around 20 minutes for the digestive system to signal to the brain that you’ve been fed sufficiently. During this time, there is a real danger that you keep eating and eventually when the signals do start to register with your brain, you find you are bloated, overfull and uncomfortable.

It doesn’t take too much maths to realise the impact that those extra calories can have on your overall body weight and composition.​

The problem of fast eating is compounded by today’s high street food choices. These are typically high in calories and designed to provide little appetite satisfaction.

The food manufacturers aim is to get you eating the same product again as soon as possible! [Kerching!]​

So now we know what the best exercise to lose weight is, let’s take a look at the benefits that can be gained from EATING SLOWLY.​

the best exercise to lose weight

Benefits To Eating Slowly

As well as allowing the digestive system time to signal to the brain that we are full, slow eating also brings a set of other positive benefits.

POSITIVE Benefits To Eating Slowly:

  • ​Better digestion of food and nutrients.
  • Better hydration.
  • Easier weight loss & weight maintenance.
  • Increased satisfaction with the meals we have eaten.
  • Promotes eating of smaller portions - without even trying!

NEGATIVE outcomes from Eating Quickly:

  • Poor digestion of food and nutrients.
  • Increased calorie intake and weight gain.
  • Lower satisfaction with food and meals.
  • It feels like meals are too small and eating is over too soon.
  • You are likely to 'overshoot' the finish line, completing your meal before the natural satiety signals begin to kick in. Resulting in being overfed, overstuffed and uncomfortable.
  • Poor satisfaction from meals - causing a desire to re-eat soon afterwards.

The best exercise to lose weight is to
slow down your eating.

Evidence Supporting Eating slowly

A recent episode of the Channel 4 programme ‘Food Unwrapped’ (Diet Special Jan 2017) carried out an experiment of fast versus slow eaters. They recorded that on average the slow eaters consumed 130 calories less in a single meal!!

If you consider that 130 calorie saving across 3 meals in a day (390 calories) and then across the week (2,730 calories) you can quickly see how implementing this simple habit can have a substantial impact on your waist line!

An 8 year study carried out by the Fukuoka University in Japan also found a direct relationship between eating fast and weight change in over 500 individuals that were studied.

the best exercise to lose weight

Why Do We Eat Quickly

From what we’ve learned above, it begs the question, why do we eat so quickly these days!?

It’s seems to be a modern trait, our lives are now fast paced, we have many distractions (smartphones, social media, emails…) and our lives are often very busy. So, it’s understandable that we might be pushed towards eating our meals quickly.

Social settings have also evolved and the ritual of eating meals together as a family unit have now become less frequent. Most families today struggle to get together for just a Sunday lunch.

The fact is that eating quickly really does us no favours!

How To Implement Slow Eating

Now we know that Slow Eating is a key exercise to achieving sustainable weight loss, let’s look at some steps we can take to implement this exercise:

  • Make the time to enjoy your meal. Set aside 20 minutes to eat.
  • ​Use a timer to work on this exercise. Begin by timing how long it currently takes you to eat a meal (your starting benchmark) and look to increase that time at each meal sitting. Work towards 20+ minutes per meal.
  • Whilst it is a simple exercise to communicate, it requires effort, practice and work to really establish as a habit. Even as a certified Nutrition Coach I find myself occasionally eating too quickly and need to concentrate on re-establishing this key exercise.
  • Eat with minimal distractions. Avoid reading emails, watching TV, surfing the web or catching up on social media whilst eating.
  • Be mindful of each mouthful of food that you are enjoying. Pay attention to the food that you are consuming.
  • Use water as a natural break between mouthfuls. Consciously making the effort to put your utensils down and take a sip of water can aid to slow down meal times.
  • Work towards sensing satisfaction with your meals. By extending the meal times you will allow the natural systems of your body to function correctly.
the best exercise to lose weight

Checklist To Help Implement Slow Eating Habits

Implementing slow eating can prove to be a challenge! So to help with this, I’ve produced a free checklist, which you can download and use to help you get this habit established.

Download FREE Nutrition Habit Slow Eating Checklist


Whilst this is a simple yet powerful tool to implement, it does require practice and effort. We naturally have lots of distractions during our waking day, these can easily cause us to be less aware of what foods we are eating.

Eating slowly is the easiest way to get on top of your diet, to lose weight and achieve a body transformation.

Eating too fast typically results in us: eating more than we truly need, causing digestion issues (reflux, indigestion), weight gain and ultimately being pretty unsatisfied with our food.

Need Help Establishing Good Nutrition Habits?

This is just one of the powerful lifestyle adjustment habits that we work on as part of our nutrition coaching courses. If you want help in getting your diet under control and making positive changes then sign up TODAY!

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