Review Mini Tripod Smart Phone Camera Stand

Review Mini Tripod Smart Phone Camera Stand

What is it? A portable mini tripod smartphone / camera stand

This little fella is a mini, 3 legged camera tripod that is fully adjustable in almost every plane! The camera holder and legs offer a wide range of settings. This allows the stand to hold many different makes and models of smartphone, whilst the adjustable legs allow a multitude of heights and angles to be achieved.

Now you may be wondering why I am reviewing this item – well it provides a perfect way to video your exercises and check whether you are achieving the correct form.

Overview of mini tripod

The tripod comes with an adjustable phone or camera holder which is spring loaded to firmly hold a variety of phone / camera sizes. The ‘jaws’ of the holder are covered in foam to protect the camera or smartphone. Once gripped it holds an iPhone very securely. The top of the camera holder is fitted with a useful rubber tab to allow you to easily extend the jaws to remove the camera or phone.

Review Mini Tripod Smart Phone Camera Stand

The tripod has 3 adjustable legs which can be arranged in an endless number of possible angles as each piece within the leg rotates. This allows the perfect angle to be achieved with very little effort. There is firm resistance to making the changes as well so once set, the tripod is firm in position. Each leg is finished with a rubber boot to allow the stand to be placed on more delicate footings and to stop it slipping.

I purchased the one featured here from Amazon UK for under £7!

Testing Period of the mini tripod

At the time of writing this review, I’ve only owned the stand for about 3 weeks, however it has already found a firm place in my gym bag. I now know if I am going to be performing one of the more technical lifts as part of my routine, I can easily capture a record of my form and play it back later on to assess technique.

Review Mini Tripod Smart Phone Camera Stand – Positives

The main points of the product which I like are:-

  • Provides a quick, simple and cheap method of capturing workout form without bothering other gym rats!
  • Feels incredibly well made for the price.
  • Rubber jaws hold the phone very firmly in place.
  • Can be adjusted to many angles – it makes achieving the correct position quick and effortless.
  • It’s lightweight and folds down upon itself so it takes up very little room in my gym bag.
  • Rubber feet ensure it’s stable on all surfaces. I’ve had it on a power rack and on a bench, it’s equally happy on either.
  • Is not locked into one make of phone. If I upgrade my phone at some point this will still work and accept the new model.

Review Mini Tripod Smart Phone Camera Stand – Negatives

What I don’t like about this product:-

  • Absolutely nothing!

Review Mini Tripod Smart Phone Camera Stand – Recommendation

Summing up:

  • Great addition to your gym kit especially if you are just starting out or performing more technical lifts (squats, deadlifts, hang cleans etc.)
  • Incredibly good value for money.
  • Pairing the tripod with a remote to control start / stop of video will reduce the amount of footage of you moving from and back to the phone.

This product as tested included: 1 x mini smartphone tripod purchased from Amazon UK for £6.23!


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