Review Isobag 6 Meal Cooler Bag

Check out our unbiased review of the IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag below.

IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag


IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag – What is it?

This is a hi-tech cooler bag for transporting pre-prepared meals whilst keeping them cool.

IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag – Overview

The meal management system is made up of a hi-tech cooler bag with shoulder and hand carry straps. The internals are made up of 3 cooler packs which can be frozen and re-used over and over. The plastic meal storage containers coming in 3 different sizes and enough are provided so it is easy to have at least 3 full days of meals without the need to be constantly washing up.

The bag has a number of compartments – the main cooler storage to the front of the bag, a smaller rectangular area above this and two shaker sized containers – one at each end of the bag. The storage is sufficient for 6 meals, protein shakes and supplements to be carried.

Testing Period for the IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag

I’ve owned one of these bags for just over a year now, so it’s been thoroughly tested. I can be away from home for up to 13-14 hours in a day so this bag is a staple of my dieting and clean eating .

Positives of the IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag

The main points of the product which I like are:-

  • Sized just right – it allows me to transport 4 meals and a couple of snacks along with supplements with ease.
  • Sturdy construction. The bag has been all across London with me on the tube, train and in and out of rush hour on foot! After a year of all of that it’s still as new, the zips the seams are all still in great condition.
  • The bag performs well as a cooler. Depending on the ambient external temperature, it will easily keep the contents cool late into the afternoon.
  • The top compartment is perfectly sized to accommodate a MacBook Air!
  • The mesh pockets on the front ends of the bag are useful for items which don’t need to be kept cool. I can get my daily gym kit into these – whilst leaving my trainers at the gym.
  •  The internals are easily cleaned. The middle ice pack holder is on velcro so can be removed so you have an easily cleaned internal compartment.
  • The plastic storage containers supplied with the bag are quite simply the best I have ever used, they are well sized, can be put into the dishwasher and don’t leak – even after multiple spins through the dishwasher.
  • Once the bag is long gone, the storage containers will still be in my cupboard! They show absolutely no signs of deteriorating.

Negatives of the IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag

What I don’t like about the bag:-

  • The cooler packs supplied with the bag are not particularly sturdy. Out of the original 3 only one is still in service. The other two began to leak within months of having the bag. To keep the bag in service I purchased some cooler strips from Ebay that can be trimmed to size. These have worked well and meant I can carry on using the bag.
  • It is difficult to get spare cooler packs for the bag in the UK.
  • The bag now looks quite expensive compared to the MyProtein equivalent bag.


Summing up the IsoBag 6 Meal Cooler Bag review findings:

  • Aside from the weakness in the cooler packs, the bag is without fault. Even after having been used virtually every day for over a year, it continues to provide great service.
  • Overall, the bag is quite simply superb! It meets the fundamental requirement of being able to prepare and transport your meals. It removes the hit and miss of having to eat out or on the go.
  • If you are in the market for this type of product then you cannot go wrong with this one, however it would be worth checking out the new MyProtein 8 meal holdall version to see how it compares. It is currently around £50 cheaper.

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