Review Interval Timer Seconds Pro

Here we review interval timer Seconds Pro.  It's a Smartphone application which I've been using for over 5 years now and regularly recommend to clients. Check out the review below to see how it can help you with your training.

Review Interval Timer Seconds Pro

Interval Timer Seconds Pro - What is it?

In a nutshell, ​Seconds Pro is a sophisticated smartphone application performing the function of a workout timer. It is available for both the iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android platforms. 

The interval timer is ideal for professional or personal use alike. With an impressive feature list and built in routine timers, it makes light work of the requirements of most trainers.

What Features Does Seconds Pro Have?

Here is a high level list of what the Interval Timer app provides:

  • ​Big bold display that fills the screen.
  • Templates for common workout routines such as HIIT, Tabata and circuit training.
  • Easy customisation ​of supplied template routines so they can be copied and edited to meet your requirements.
  • Easy creation of new routines from scratch. The interface is painless to use and routines can be created directly from the phone interface.
  • Stitching together of multiple timers to provide a larger routine e.g. a HIIT session followed by a Kettle Bell session.
  • Easy editor which allows exercises within the workout to be: moved, copied, deleted etc.
  • Export and import of routines, so if you are following a trainer, they can send you a pre-defined routine for you to import and use. Routines can be shared via email or AirDrop (iOS). 
  • Timer can be used in landscape or portrait modes on phone as preferred.
  • Routines can be assigned specific music or use an externally playing list from say iTunes or Spotify.
  • Timer works in the background so switching to another app (messages, music player etc.) will not stop the timer.
  • Countdown alerts for end of activity or rest sessions.
  • Spoken interval names and exercises.
  • Multiple alerts that can be tailored to the environment (busy gym versus working out at home).
  • A lock function prevents accidentally quitting the timer you are using.
  • Preview function allows you to see how a routine will run.

Workout Templates Included

review interval timer seconds pro

Example Of Created HIIT Workout

review interval timer seconds pro

Example Of Workout

review interval timer seconds pro

Example HIIT Kettle Bell Workout In Progress

review interval timer seconds pro

Testing Period Of Seconds Pro Interval Timer

I've been using this application for at least 5 years now. The current version (at the time of writing) is v3.3.1 for the iOS platform. 

During my time of using the application, it's been well supported with regular bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Positives Of Seconds Pro Interval Timer

During the time I have been using this application, these have been my observations:

  • ​Regular updates are released for the app. The latest being v3.3.1 which was released in April 2017 (the same month of writing).
  • The application has good technical support. I had one instance where a client was unable to import a routine that I had exported. The developer of the application worked with me to resolve the issue over a number of days. The issue turned out to be the clients phone configuration rather than the app but we got to a resolution. This inspires confidence that should you use this on a professional level and encounter problems, you will receive help resolving them.
  • The operation of the timer is outstanding. The display has been very well thought out and implemented. Operation in landscape and portrait is well handled and the interface adjusts to each appropriately.

    The current exercise within a routine is enlarged but you also get visibility of what's up next and also a summary of the workout progress. This includes Elapsed Time, The Interval and Time Remaining. 
  • The application works well in foreground or background. This is especially useful if you need to read an email or text whilst in the middle of a routine.
  • The workout templates that are included with the timer are a great feature. Even if these aren't a 100% fit for what you will be doing, they can be used as a starting point. The easy workout editor within the application makes amendments painless.
  • Colour coding of the routines whilst a simple feature, is very useful. E.g. your work sessions can be colored Red whilst your rest intervals can be coloured Green. A nice visual indicator of what's next in the routine.
  • The import / export function is a great addition and is useful for both personal or professional use. Friends or training partners can easily share the same routine without having to go through the hassle of recreating it on each phone. Where as a coach or trainer can email the routine to his clients for them to import. This also ensures accuracy of the routine.
  • The audio options are excellent, allowing a a range of sounds to be used, a set of voice options where workout and timer text is converted to voice and also vibration options for when silence is golden!
  • The application is a paid app but you get to trial the majority of the features before having to commit to purchase. The saving of custom routines is reserved for the paid version. At the time of writing, the purchase price to upgrade is $4.99. To me this seems like a bargain to gain the functionality and slick usability of this app.

Negatives Of Seconds Pro Interval Timer

To be fair, this is going to be a very short list!

    • I've noticed that sometimes the option to use an external audio selection can become out of sync. depending on which order the interval timer app / sound source app were launched.

      If you want to use an external sound source but have left the application running in the background then sometimes it doesn't offer the Use External Audio option.

      This is simply remedied by quitting and relaunching the timer - which is no big deal.

Overall Recommendation For Seconds Pro Interval Timer

Summing up:

  • ​Whilst the requirement of a Smartphone interval timer would seem pretty basic on the face of it, it's very easy to get it wrong. I've lost count of the number I've installed, become frustrated with and un-installed. This application has been with me over the long haul. After trying quite a few, I can honestly say this is the best one I've found.
  • At $4.99 for the paid version, it's great value for money. By buying the paid version, it goes towards ensuring the developer is able to continue improving and supporting the app.
  • The timer workout templates, editor and import / exports functions are simply killer features. ​The ease that a routine can be setup makes the app a joy to use even using a phone interface.
  • The timer display when in use, is second to none. Big, bold, colourful and easy to read. This combined with careful thought around the controls (such as locking the workout) really make this app stand out against the competition.
  • Overall, it's extremely difficult to fault this timer and I would urge you to give it a try to see if it fits your requirements.

Review Interval Timer Seconds Pro

Where Can I Get It?

Links to the app stores for each platform:

Links to the Seconds Pro User Manual

Link to the Seconds Pro Tutorial Videos

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