BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells 5kg – 32.5kg Review

Enjoy our review of the BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells.

BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells – What are they?

These are a pair of gym dumbbells which include a cleverly engineered adjustment mechanism to allow a range of weights to be achieved from a single dumbbell. The adjustment allows you to select the weight being used from 5kg to 32.5kg in 2.5kg increments.

Each dumbbell comes with a plastic stand to hold the dumbbell when not in use. These plastic stands can be fitted to the optional legs which include castors for easy maneuverability of the dumbells. The castors also feature a locking mechanism so that once the stand is located where you want it – it stays put.

Overview of BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

The weight is adjustable from 5kg (just the dumbbell bar itself) to 32.5kg (full set of plates) in 2.5kg increments. Weight is easily selected by pressing the red locking button and then using the large circular rotating weight selection dial on the end of each dumbbell. Once the dial has been wound around to the required weight, you simply release the red locking button and lift the dumbbell from the plastic stand. Any plates not being used to make up the selected weight remain sat in the stand. There is no calculation or selection of plates required by the user. The clever engineering of the dumbbell weight selector determines which plates are necessary to make up the required weight.

Testing Period of the BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

I’ve owned a pair of these dumbbells for 18 months and during this time, I have used them around 4-5 times per week. I purchased the optional extra stand which sits on castors to allow easy manoeuvrability of the set. They have been used as a hard working home gym set.


BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

Positives of the BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

The main points of the product which I like are:-

  • Using the adjustable approach provides a compact footprint for a large range of dumbbells. To achieve the same range of weights would require 12 separate dumbbells and the associated space these would take up.
  • The build quality of the dumbbells is good. The weight selection dial and locking button feel well made and have presented no issues throughout their use. The stand is solid but does flex a little when taking the dumbbells on and off it.
  • The range of weight selection is good. Allowing a full range of weights to be selected from 5kg through to 32.5kg in 2.5kg steps.
  • The handle of the dumbbells is well sized and grips well in the hand.
  • These represent great value for money when compared to the purchase cost of a set of 12 dumbbells to achieve the same weight range.

Negatives of the BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

What I don’t like about these:-

  • Sometimes plates which are not required to make up the selected weight are pulled from the stand when lifting the dumbbells off at an angle. On more than one occasion one has landed on my foot! When removing the dumbbells from the stands you need to make sure they are lifted straight up.
  • Due to the achievable weight range, these dumbbells feel large when working in the lower weight ranges. So the adjustable 7.5kg dumbbell will feel larger than the equivalent single weight version.
  • The plates make a clicking / clanking noise when being moved around – this is mildly irritating but nothing worse than that.
  • The optional stand pictured below does flex slightly when taking the weights off or placing them onto it.

BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

Overall Recommendation for the BodyMax Adjustable Dumbbells

Summing up:

  • I am a big fan of these dumbbells! They provide a compact method of achieving a large range of weight options.
  • The quality of the dumbbells is very high. Having been used for 18 months+, these are still in very good condition. A small amount of the grey paint has come away from some of the plates but otherwise they work and look as new.
  • As long as you can accept that the size of the dumbbell (when working in the lower weight ranges e. g. below 20kg) is larger than an individual dumbbell would be, then these are a great way of achieving a large range of dumbbell weights.
  • In terms of cost, these are a much more cost effective way of achieving a full selection of dumbbell weights in the 5kg to 32.5kg range.
  • The optional legs are a good addition and whilst they do flex slightly under the combined 65kg weight they do make it extremely easy to move the pair of dumbbells closer to a workout area or bench.
  • Overall, the dumbbells and stand are perfect for a home gym setup. The minimal space and reasonable cost making them instant winners.


This product as tested included: 2 x adjustable dumbbells and a maneuverable stand at a total cost of £466.


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