Online Nutrition Coaching Client Testimonials

On this page we have testimonials and feedback from our past and current clients.

Not everyone is comfortable with providing photographs but we are extremely grateful for those that feel brave enough to do this as the pictures certainly show the dramatic transformations that take place.​

DD - UK - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - July 17


The reason you are reading this I'm guessing, is that for some reason you need a little help with food. That's why I came here. I was a fit 57 year old runner / triathlete who wasn't looking for a fitness programme but I needed to sort out a frustration that was bugging me.

Albeit I was fit, I was carrying excess weight. No one ever called me fat but I knew I was carrying fat that needn't be there. With trepidation I contacted Glyn and I knew I had to do this programme.

I was given no hard sell. No miracle promises but I was given friendly, accurate, clear messages about realistic prospects. I agreed to do it and in discussion with Glyn we jointly set my goals for 6 months.

I started at 14st10. I embraced every lesson. I questioned and badgered in every one to one consultation. I followed the programme religiously and eased into it so well that, as promised it became a way of life. One of my goals was to improve my upper body strength and I followed a plan created by Glyn in parallel with the nutrition. I had such terrible body image issues that I was reluctant to send Glyn pics - but I did.

His whole approach has been so professional, so friendly and encouraging that I trusted him implicitly. I messaged him for immediate advice about restaurant options and it never failed.

6 months on so where am I ?

  • 25 pounds lighter!
  • Hugely stronger in my whole physique!
  • I have a better body image.
  • More energised.
  • Running faster and cycling better than I have ever done in my life!

This has been a phenomenal success and worth every penny

I have a nutritional lifestyle that will stay with me forever.

I have enjoyed it immensely and it has been relatively easy. I have never felt deprived.

If you are considering doing this then just commit. Glyn is a brilliant motivational coach who will support you and guide you through.

I have never met him but one day I would like to meet him and just shake his hand to say "Thank you". Its been brilliant.

SN - USA - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 01/02/17

Online Nutrition Testimonial

I previously found it difficult to stick to a maintainable strategy. Whenever I have attempted to 'lose weight' or 'get fit' in the past, it has generally been on the principle of increased exercise, plus less eating.

I was looking for a program, or an approach, with more longevity and providing a healthier approach to my overall diet.

SNOnline Nutrition Coaching Course

The 3 best features of the online nutrition coaching were:

  1. The program provides a simple approach / 'rules' to constructing a healthy meal
  2. It focuses on education, rather than handing you a menu plan
  3. Support both from Glyn and the private FB community.

I was eating pretty healthily (home cooked meals, mostly), and in the past have used diets like Keto - however, I was looking for something that focused more on my overall health, at the same time as losing fat. I wanted something that would be sustainable and not sacrifice good nutrition for a low calorie intake.

I am now much more informed about nutritional choices. I travel a lot for work, which makes a degree of eating out a necessity. This enabled me to make good choices when many variables are outside of my direct control and instead of treating restaurants like 'free cheats', I made menu choices consistent with my goals that week.

SNOnline Nutrition Coaching

If you've tried dieting before - perhaps following a prescriptive program - I recommend you try this program; it focuses on educating you to make good choices, and that education lasts long after the direct support of the program has ended.

Prior to the program starting, Glyn gave a good heads up that it would focus greatly on educating me to make good choices, rather than a prescriptive plan.

Whilst exercise is clearly a component of a healthy lifestyle, I found Glyn's approach to exercise informed and complimentary to the nutritional program.

Now, a month after the program has concluded - I continue to make progress towards my goals and continue to be informed by / make decisions because of the Food The Facts program.

SN USAOnline Nutrition Coaching Course

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JS - UK - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 25/01/17

Online Nutrition Testimonial

Online Nutrition Coaching seemed to be something the wealthy or celebrity can do, the cost always seemed to me, to be extravagant, a luxury I could not really afford, however as a keen cyclist, I would spend a considerable amount on a new bike, or piece of bike equipment, which of course psychologically would be worth every penny, but which would only see very slight improvements.

What Glyn offers with his Coaching programme is a chance to improve yourself, which in turn will payback off the scale in comparison to any new hardware purchase!

Since completing the Active Nutrition Programme with Glyn, my improvements on and off the bike are considerable, and simply put, there is no new bike or component that would be able to return the gains I have witnessed personally since becoming lighter.

JS Online Active Nutrition Coaching Course


Coaching seems expensive, but in comparison is not, you owe it to yourself, you'll be healthier, lighter, stronger, energised and feel great,

The lessons are short and sweet, concise with no fluff, only the important points are explained and reinforced.

One to one coaching sessions add accountability to the programme, results are discussed, praise is given when due and issues are talked through to find the best individual solution for you.

The additional programme content is really good quality and with an emphasis on allowing you to make your meals, based on the rules. The choice is varied and so you are not eating the same old meals day in day out, which could become tedious.


The cost of the nutrition coaching programme is soon justified when you start to see the results, I was sceptical, but I can honestly say it is worth every single penny. You will be rewarded for the rest of your life, this is not a temp fix, this is a lifestyle lesson you will use from now on, it will pay for itself and then some, you will not regret it.

This Online Nutrition Programme is The Answer! It works, cost less than you might spend on bike upgrades through the year and will improve your Well Being for the rest of your life. Sounds like I am over doing it, but that is the truth.

JS Online Active Nutrition Coaching Course

Losing weight for me was primarily to improve my cycling, and help me to reach my fitness goals, however, it has also improved my overall health, not just for today, but for the future too.

Recently I had a Health Screen, and my health markers have improved to the point where I am at the lowest risk of all the major health worries that we all have as we get older.

​My weight has always YoYo'd, I have tried many different ways to lose weight, some successful some not, all of them were temporary. Glyn's approach is different in that it is using the scientifically proven calories in versus calories out method. However, it differs in that there are no prescribed meal plans, you can eat a vast array of good quality protein, veg and carbs, and the lessons give you the tools to control portion size, and enforce good eating habits, that will stay with you for life.

My last 2 weeks of the course have been during the Christmas Break, probably the hardest time of year to stick to any new diet, but the lessons I have learned from completing this programme made it easy,

I am no Saint and fell off the wagon a few times through this period, but I now have the tools to know when I have made bad choices, and what I can do about recovering back to my ideal weight.


This Nutrition Course is The Answer!

It works, cost less than you might spend on bike upgrades through the year and will improve your Well Being for the rest of your life.

Sounds like I am over doing it, but that is the truth and I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT!

JS Online Nutrition Coaching Course

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SM - UK - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 21/11/16

I decided to go for Online Nutrition Coaching with Glyn because I was tired of trying, and ultimately failing, to lose weight on my own.

I decided to go for Online Nutrition Coaching with Glyn because I was tired of trying, and ultimately failing, to lose weight on my own.

I used to lose weight by effectively starving myself of carbohydrates, but it was never sustainable for more than a few weeks at a time, as it is simply not enjoyable. I would then get depressed, give up, and slip back into bad habits, putting the weight back on almost as quickly as I'd lost it.

There is just so much information out there, it is difficult to know what works and what does not, what is healthy and what is not.

UK Online Active Nutrition Course

There were three features of Glyn's programme in particular that helped a lot:

  1. Regular contact with Glyn, it really helped me stay on track, as it felt like I was accountable to someone.
  2. The online educational videos that Glyn has created. They are very concise, he has managed to put them together in plain English, without feeling the need to over-complicate things. This results in you actually learning something from each session, and typically in just ten short minutes.
  3. Some of the recipes that Glyn provided me with as part of the course were fantastic. His cod recipe was a particular favourite of mine and I wouldn't be disappointed to be served that dish in a restaurant!

It goes without saying that you need to put the effort in, but having completed the programme myself, it arms you with all the information you need in order to take action, lose weight and maintain it. I use the information I've gained from this programme multiple times each day.

​The best outcome for me personally was the weight loss but, equally as important, was the knowledge that I gained on how to eat healthily for the long term. Once you've learned what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, where to get your protein, carbs and fats from, it becomes easier and you find yourself using the information every time you are choosing meals/snacks.

​I was a little apprehensive when I first contacted Glyn, but after several years of yo-yo dieting, I decided that I needed to put my faith in him and simply put into practice what he was teaching me. I was a little worried that I might be hungry all of the time, or that it was going to be unsustainable, but I couldn't have been more wrong. If anything, I didn't eat as much as I should, because I was left full and satisfied from the main meals, meaning that I didn't feel the need for the various healthy snacks that are part of the programme.


What I would say to anyone thinking about undertaking this programme is the following: it absolutely works and it doesn't feel like a "diet".

Go into it with an open mind, forget anything you've been told by other people about eating "low fat" everything.

Have faith and just put into practice what you are learning.

You will get results, and for me personally, the results came quite fast.

Each week I was noticing that my clothes were getting more and more loose. In approximately twelve weeks I dropped three (almost four!) belt sizes. Another thing to remember, which was very helpful to me, is that Glyn has been in the same position as you, so he understands how you are feeling, the temptations, etc. This for me was a godsend and sometimes it really helps talking to someone who can relate to what you are going through.​


I would wholeheartedly recommend Glyn's programme to anyone that is serious about learning how to eat healthily and lose weight in a safe and sustainable way.

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SH - Lanzarote - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 18/11/16


After years of 'yo-yo' dieting I decided I'd had enough and really needed to do something different to motivate me to lose weight. I thought I was eating healthily (all fresh food, no fast food or pre-prepared meals) but clearly I was doing something wrong so I wanted expert advice to help stop the downward spiral.

Glyn is very friendly and approachable so I always felt able to ask questions, confess to falling off the wagon and I was never made to feel bad or guilty. Knowing that I could message or email any time was very helpful and I've discovered new recipes and a better way of eating that fits in nicely with my lifestyle.

I found I was able to make this way of eating fit in with my social life and eating out. Also, not having to count calories was a massive bonus!

The best parts of the Nutrition Course for me were:

  • The accountability, it helped me a lot as I'm a hopeless liar! Knowing I'd have to 'fess up' if I'd gone off plan was a big motivator.
  • The lessons were really good.
  • Being able to fit it into my social life and being able to continue to eat out at restaurants.
  • Reviewing my previous eating habits and realising they weren't as healthy as I thought. It was a wake-up call to realise just how much fat I was eating - even healthy fat such as olive oil has a calorie count!
  • Weight loss was a bonus on top of all of the above!

It's worth investing time and money in your health and well-being and if I can stick to this way of eating,then anyone can!

SH Lanzarote
Online Nutrition Course

The weight loss has been slow for me, partly because of my lifestyle, partly my age - but slow and steady wins the race, as they say!

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NA - Switzerland - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 08/08/16


I discussed with Glyn the weight control and health problems I was having. He said he thought he would be able to help me just by modifying my diet! He recommended I signed up to his online nutrition course.

Initially, I was reluctant to get on board because taking advice and guidance from a friend wasn’t ever going to be easy for me. In the end, I decided to try as I felt he genuinely wanted to help me. I have since completed the Food the Facts Active Nutrition Course with extremely positive results.

I work as an IT contractor in different cities, and countries. It means travel, staying in hotels, short term 'digs' and eating in restaurants & bars regularly. This lifestyle over the years had contributed to my enlarged waistline and poor health. I was using this lifestyle as an excuse to pick poor food choices but Glyn has managed to put my diet back on track even with such challenges.

Since starting the programme ​I have lost 15kg (33Lbs or 2 Stone 5lbs!) My blood pressure has dropped to a more acceptable level and I have next to no stomach issues anymore. Good news I’m sure anyone who is reading this would agree. Obviously, this is due to listening to Glyn and acting on the coaching and lessons provided in the online nutrition course.

Further to this, from Feb 2016 I have started to go to the gym about three times a week, this in addition to Glyn’s nutritional training has made a marked improvement in my health.

Since I now feel healthier, it has given me positive drive to take up hiking. I am fortunate enough to currently be working in Switzerland and this seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

I’d like to say thanks to Glyn for his help and convincing me to try his course. I have learnt a valuable new life skill which I'm sure will mean I live a longer, and have more active and healthy life.

I would recommend the Online Nutrition Programme to anybody reading my testimonial.

Do NOT hesitate to sign up! The cost of the course could improve your life and health.

You can't really put a price on that - can you?

NA Switzerland

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CJ - Lanzarote - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 26/06/16

Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

CJ had two clear requirements from his online nutrition programme. they were to achieve fat loss and to improve his road cycling performance. Whilst CJ was already performing a large amount of exercise, he was unable to shift body fat which had mostly accumulated around his middle.

Initially, I recommended a small number of changes to his diet – which had an instant effect! The changes kick started CJ’s body into using body fat for fuel and began his fat loss journey.

From working through the Active Nutrition Course we expanded on the initial changes, implementing sound habits and developing his nutritional education. This provided CJ with the correct fuel and energy he needed to allow him to drop body fat whilst still having good energy levels for his cycling and weight training.

CJ’s progress has been so good that whilst on the Active Nutrition Course he has been in a position where he has moved from dropping fat into maintenance mode. To achieve this, we’ve worked together to adjust his macronutrient ratios to support the maintenance of his current weight whilst providing high energy levels for his training.

It’s been a pleasure working with CJ, his commitment to exercise and execution of the nutrition changes were superb and it was extremely satisfying for me to see his hard work converting into results in terms of fat loss and regular personal bests on his cycling courses.

The clients key requirements of fat loss and improved sports performance were met!

One final thing, CJ is 65! I can only hope that I am still exercising and performing at the same level in 20 years time. He’s in better shape now than most of the guys I see in the gym which are half his age. Age is clearly no excuse not to stay in shape!!

I found that by following the eating plan and advice given in the lessons, the weight just dropped off and I also found it very easy to stick to.

CJ - Lanzarote
Online Nutrition Programme                 

CJ’s Online Nutrition Client Testimonial:

For a couple of years I had been cycling and training but was frustrated that I was never able to lose weight.

Glyn pointed out that you can’t exercise out a poor diet and recommended I try the online nutrition course.

The main aim of doing the online nutrition course was to lose weight and to improve my cycling ability.

Not only do I look better in Lycra cycling clothes, I feel more energetic and the improvement in my cycling fitness has been dramatic!

I found taking photos of my progress, the weekly reporting and Glyn’s support helped keep me motivated and on track.

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GR – UK – Online Nutrition Coaching Course & Physique Development - 26/06/16

Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

GR wanted to improve his physique by increasing his lean muscle mass and lowering his overall body fat levels.

To achieve this, a full diet review was carried out and GR enrolled on the Active Nutrition Programme to put in place solid nutritional principles. Once the diet was in place and providing results, a programme of strength training  ​exercises were produced to maximise GR's gym sessions. Although GR had previously been attending the gym regularly, he was disappointed with the results and wanted to increase his strength and muscle definition to provide a 'beach body' look.

A programme was created to begin this journey and centred around: compound exercises, progressive overload and reverse pyramid training as it's core principles. The training programme needed to take into account a stressful job, long work days, a long commute, busy family life and a limited amount of sleep!

The programme is proving to be extremely effective and whilst being in a calorie deficit each week (and dropping body fat) he has still been able to consistently increase the weight on his key lifts. As a result, his lean muscle mass is increasing all the time.

I am confident that if GR carries on this current path he will build an impressive physique within 12 - 18 months.

It's been great to work with GR, he's been very receptive to change, quickly adopted the diet adjustments and embraced a number of supplements which I've recommended to assist with his training performance, recovery and diet. He now has the skills to maintain, drop or gain weight at will.

He's got a holiday on the horizon and I am confident he'll be looking good around the pool or on the beach. ​

I was amazed at how many times I was allowed to eat and still lose weight and body fat and I never felt hungry!

GR - UK 
Online Nutrition Programme & Physique Development

GR’s Online Nutrition Client Testimonial:

Glyn is very knowledgeable and provides very good material in an easy to follow guide from start to finish.

His weekly sessions allow him to shape the plan to suit you best and aid you on your journey.

I didn’t think my diet was THAT BAD to start with but the education Glyn provided pointed out where I was going wrong (even after years of reading Men’s Health!!!), and this has since helped on my continuous journey.

Following and working with Glyn has given me the education and tools to carry this life lesson on. The website is great and easy to navigate and I have used most of the recipes.

In a nutshell, you get out what you put in and it gives you the education and tools for you to use to make continuous improvements.

AF - UK - Online Nutrition Coaching Course - 26/06/16


Glyn's Coaching Summary:

AF required a 1:1 customised online nutrition programme that would help improve his health and manage his weight. This needed to be integrated with a very active social life!

From working with AF we have been able to achieve a dramatic weight loss and significant, positive improvement on a number of health markers.

Through the diet adjustments, it was obvious to see the change in AF's energy levels. A 'lively' character before the programme he is literally brimming over with energy now!

I am confident that AF now has the skills and knowledge to use his diet to easily control his weight whilst still enjoying his social activities.

I feel that with a small amount of additional exercise (walking, mountain biking or swimming) he will be able to accelerate his weight loss.

Having someone telling me, checking on me, helping me make decisions and for me to understand the intake so I have been able to reduce my weight was key.

AF - UK 
Online Nutrition Programme

​AF's Online Nutrition Client Testimonial:

Before I started the programme, I was struggling to get control of my weight. Clearly I was overweight, topping in at just over 18st. I was struggling with being tired, especially in the afternoon while at work and many of my clothes were not fitting, and I was having to abandon them.

It should be noted that I am typically very active, I walk my dogs every weekend, played golf and mountain bike regularly and swim too. I am an ex rugby player so am well used to the gym and training regimes required to maintain body tone. We have horses too and I’ll often be seen mucking them out and lumping the paraphernalia for my wife and daughter. For me there is nothing worse than sitting in front of the TV everyday/evening, I’d much rather be out and about.

But I was struggling with all the above due to the excessive weight and my knee’s were creaking after the rugby, motorbike and push bike accidents and I was finding it very painful just to walk, aggravated by the weight.

AF - UKOnline Nutrition Programme

Very quickly after starting the Online Nutrition Course I started to see the benefits, loss of weight was evident with the weekly weigh ins.

I am now down to 16 ½ stone and staying there, and the clothes started to fit again, some I’d not worn for over 3 years and the knees stopped hurting so much. The tummy has reduced, I have more energy especially in the afternoons, but I am also staying awake later in the evening and have got back into the mountain biking (poor bike!)

The weight notwithstanding, the look too (yes I am vain) when I looked in the mirror, as little as possible, was part of the reasoning, plus the age factor, I’d just turned 50 and really felt it. It wasn’t a mid-life crisis, it was a mid-life realisation, I’d realised this was it and wanted to make the best of the rest of my days.

AF - UKOnline Nutrition Programme

A side benefit was when I had my well man check-up at the doctors (at my age you get them every two years), last time my cholesterol was a whacking 7.2, after only 5 weeks on the programme it had come down to 4.5, which was a significant feat and brilliant news.

Also this year sees our 25 wedding anniversary and we are taking the whole family away to the sun with the son in law, the daughter’s boyfriend and our own son - ALL slim, with the two daughters chaps being super fit – not an ounce of excess! I kind of didn’t want to be the whale on the beach with the boys, clearly I can’t and don’t want to compete, but nevertheless, you understand!

I found the following to be key parts of the programme:

  • ​The lesson tutorials and 1:1 support
  • Learning how to gauge the foods going in was critical
  • Understanding what they are doing was the most helpful piece
  • How to balance a meal and portion sizes
  • Managing eating out - which is a key part of our lives, helped me stay on track. I'll be honest, the weekends are the toughest as our social life is very busy, mostly because the working hours and commute during the week reduces the ability to be sociable in the week.
  • Reading food labels, and comprehending them
  • Making the meals interesting and balancing everything.
    AF - UK Online Nutrition Programme

    Having someone telling me, checking on me, helping me make decisions and for me to understand the intake so I have been able to reduce my weight was key. I now have the tools to keep doing it.

    I have not achieved my goals although they were a little woolly to be honest, and I am upfront with Glyn on that, but what is important is that I know why, other than I wanted to look better on the beach. The Mrs is also much happier with the new shape and weight me, which is always a bonus 😉

    I am now educated and can manage my diet myself, and know what choices make a difference. Choosing when I am on programme and when I am not is the best bit for me. If I have a bad weekend, I can compensate during the week and control my weight and therefore my health is better.


    LW – Lanzarote 02/01/16 – Level 1 Online Nutrition Course

    client testimonials

    client testimonials

    Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

    LW approached me with a view to reducing body fat whilst improving his health and diet. A keen footballer, he was struggling to play a full 90 minutes to a decent standard. The goals were clear and I devised a diet and exercise programme that would allow Lee to lower his weight in a controlled fashion whilst providing him with sufficient energy for his weekly training which consisted of football and moving up to 3 gym strength training sessions each week.

    The programme was constructed to: reduce weight, build strength and start to re-composition Lee’s body. He has graduated from the Level 1 course and now has the life skills to be able adjust his diet to whatever goals he wishes to achieve in the future.

    It’s been a pleasure working with him as he’s been enthusiastic from the start and only needed guidance and education to allow him to succeed. Well done – the results are superb and I am sure you’ll be going on to even bigger and better things in the near future.

    LW’s Summary:

    Starting the Food The Facts programme helped me to realise that I was eating in a very unhealthy way. My experience was enjoyable and eye opening! I found it a very easy programme to stick to. The most difficult part for me was fitting in the exercise as I work long hours and have a family at home. I also struggled initially to prepare my meals but once I progressed through the programme and got into a routine this was fine.

    The most useful part of the coaching experience was having Glyn just a text away to answer any questions as they came up. This helped me to stay on track and not waste effort or time by making bad decisions.

    I would 100% recommend this programme to anybody – LW – Lanzarote.


    AK – UK 02/01/16 – Level 1 Online Nutrition Course

    client testimonials

    AK Weight Loss Progress

    Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

    AK was looking to drop weight whilst still providing sufficient energy for his running sessions. I constructed a Level 1 online nutrition programme that would allow AK to move from a high carbohydrate intake to a more moderate and targeted intake. Initially there was concern and a little resistance to adopting this approach due to previous recommendations that a high carbohydrate intake was required to fuel the running activity. Through results and re-education, the revised approach was adopted and the results are being seen.

    To-date a 19lb weight loss and AK is now looking to take things further by adopting a resistance gym training routine to increase both the fat loss and build lean muscle.

    Great work and look forward to taking things to the next level with a Level 2 programme.

    AK’s Summary:

    I enjoyed the weekly lessons which provided new knowledge of everyday foods and which ones to avoid and which to focus on to achieve the best results. Some of the information in the lessons was technical but explained in a nice simple manner which made it easy to absorb.

    I can honestly say that I didn’t have a least enjoyable part of the programme, although I initially found it a challenge to perform the preparation for the meals and ensure I had the necessary ingredients, these soon became a habit.

    My experience has achieved the weight loss goal I set from the outset and has provided me with a solid grounding to push on and set new targets. I have a better understanding of the foods I eat and how to set out my meals.

    I don’t see what I have done as dieting, I have changed my eating habits to achieve the desired results.


    One thing I found is that you get out of this programme what you put in. Don’t cheat yourself and expect to get results, stick to the programme and the results will come.


    SH – UK 02/01/16 – Level 1 Online Nutrition Course

    SH Coaching Programme Summary

    SH Weight Loss Progress

    Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

    SH was looking to lose weight in a controlled fashion and keep it off. Analysis of his previous diet showed that he wasn’t actually that far from a healthy diet. Through a re-education of portion size and the definition of the macronutrient ratios he quickly grasped what was required. As a keen cook, the recommended foods and ingredients were soon being transformed into new dishes beyond what I had suggested. This was great to see and proves the knowledge transfer.

    SH had additional challenges to overcome, as he works away from home during the majority of the week, he needed assistance in working out how he could still achieve compliant meals whilst being away from base. There was also peer pressure to attend a weekly Friday lunchtime work get-together which he needed to resolve. I am happy to say both of these ‘limiting factors’ were addressed and the results meant SH became very focussed on his goals.

    I caught up with SH face to face about 6 weeks into his programme and was delighted to see a much slimmer, healthier looking version. Great work – keep it going and the results will continue to come. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I am exctited to see how far you can take it.

    SH’s Summary:

    Having nutritional coaching has provided a sound base and structure for my weight loss. Now I’ve lost / am losing the weight, I can look forward to getting myself back in shape and improving my fitness. Through the coaching I have lost so much weight and gained so much knowledge about what I’m putting into my body.

    Initially I was worried about what I could and couldn’t eat and a little confused but that was only for the first week or two and through the lessons I caught on quite quickly.

    Overall the only thing I really missed was giving up lager! Although, that said, I have been able to drink other alcohol so it’s not all bad!

    Overall I would sum up that these are life lessons that you cannot really put a price on –
    Good Work!


    ME – UK 02/01/16 – Level 1 Online Nutrition Course


    ME Coaching Programme Summary ME Weight Loss Progress

    Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

    ME had been a serial calorie restriction dieter for many years and like most people that try this route, she had found herself ending up significantly heavier than when she first started. This coupled with Type II Diabetes meant that significant changes to her diet needed to be made to avoid further health issues.

    Analysis of the previous diet showed some quick wins and a programme was constructed to transition ME from her previous eating habits. The programme was designed to provide a healthier and sustainable diet that would control her blood sugar levels and achieve a controlled weight loss. The lessons provided a re-education of what food provides to the body and which were appropriate for her Diabetic condition.

    I am exstatic that her blood sugar levels are now within a normal range due to adjusting her diet.

    ME has lost a significant amount of weight and now has the skills to ‘rinse’ and ‘repeat’ the process. It’s going to be a long journey due to the starting position but every lb lost will be a victory and significanlty improve her future health.

    Well done – as Vinny Jones would say ‘It’s been emotional’!

    ME’s Summary:

    As a type II diabetic, I was delighted that my blood glucose fell to non-diabetic levels by using the programme to adjust my diet. I am now being medically assessed with a view to coming off my diabetes medication in the very near future. I have lost a lot of weight which I was finding it impossible to do through traditional dieting methods. My energy levels have sky rocketed and I am being constantly complimented on the amount of weight I have managed to lose.

    I found the best part of the programme was having a weekly catch up session which provided a review of progress, encouragement and advice.

    The two most difficult parts for me were giving up some of my favourite foods and moving to making a cooked breakfast.

    I would definitely recommend this approach wholeheartedly.


    ST – Lanzarote 02/01/16 – Level 1 Nutrition Programme

    ST Coaching Programme Summary

    ST Weight Loss Progress

    Glyn’s Coaching Summary:

    ST was keen to improve his nutritional knowledge, health and sports performance. Analysing his previous diet revealed that whilst a lot of good components were present from his own internet research, on several days he was significantly under eating, especially for the level of exercise he was performing.

    The programme was designed to re-educate him on the optimal food choices for health and a moderate weight loss. This has proved successful and I think my favourite bit of feedback would be ‘you’ve given me an extra hour in my day’! Where previously he would be exhausted by 10pm he now has increased energy throughout the day and into the evening.

    Personal circumstances and workload have meant that the lessons have proved a challenge to schedule but I hope that by moving these to standalone video files it will allow these to be completed at his convenience.

    ST’s Summary:

    I really enjoyed acquiring the nutritional knowledge. The program has opened my eyes to what to look for in foods and how nice healthy balanced meals can be!

    I’d say definitely get on board instead of wasting time trying to do it yourself, having a nutrition coach to ask advice and tips whenever you like is perfect.

    The hardest part for me has been making time for the lessons. However, when I did, I came away from them feeling very positive.

    I’ve really enjoyed this program it’s a small price to pay for this knowledge and coaching I am feeling great! Cheers!


     Gina Emmett 19/09/15 – Level 1 Nutrition Programme

    Online Nutrition Client Testimonial

    I had been a gym convert for 25 plus years, weight training, some running – 5k distance and the occasional aerobic session. Where this was a constant, my weight was not. When I reached my mid forties, I realised that I had slowly gained fat and began to accept I would be a size 12, after all I was middle aged. It then dawned on me that size 12 is now equivalent to an old size 14-16 as clothing manufacturers strive to make us feel better and of course, buy more clothes, their sizing is somewhat fluid shall we say! I also saw some holiday photos of me that were awful – really awful! I think I can say, without too much recrimination, that I wasn’t the only one.

    Glyn began his research into weight loss, nutrition and physique. Being the main cook in the house, I was dragged along in the wake. We had many discussions about losing weight. I had, as I’m sure have many others, been on numerous “diets” in the past so had a load of “information” in my data banks – much of it contradictory.  This was in 2011, gradually over about a year, I lost weight  – 1,2 or 3 pounds in a week to a high of 24 lbs or 1 stone 10 lbs.

    I still follow the programme’s guidelines and I keep an eye on my weight once a week, I also allow a 3 to 4 lbs fluctuation but know how to rein myself in easily and can usually rectify this in a week or two.

    I’m hardly ever hungry and eat what I want – I just want different things!

    I still enjoy my wine at weekends and like to eat out a few times in the month.

    Here’s the thing, I now do not go to the gym, go running or workout!

    I do walk the dog briskly for around 45 minutes a day over two sessions, do housework, gardening and I’m not overly sedentary, but that’s it. I’m now a mature student studying for an art degree, much more enjoyable! I’ve found the balance that suits me and that’s the beauty of this programme – it’s tailored to the individual.

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