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Meet Your Nutrition Coach - Glyn Emmett

online nutrition coaching course

Hi, I'm Glyn Emmett, the founder of FoodTheFacts.com and I would like to give you a little introduction into who I am.

I've been a keen gym goer for over 25 years! However during this time I found that despite training hard, I struggled to keep my weight where I wanted it to be and also to obtain the results I expected and desired.

I used to think that performing LOTS of exercise should mean I can eat what I want. Unfortunately, this was not the case and over the years my weight gain crept higher and higher.

I became interested in nutrition to achieve fat loss and increase my strength and build muscle. I researched extensively and tried many different approaches and programs for improving diet and strength.

I eventually discovered a Precision Nutrition coach and through working with them I found how to eat well for health, strength, fitness and fat loss. 

Consumed by the quest for knowledge, I took a year to study the same course that my coach had so that I could become a Precision Nutrition Coach myself.

During my time coaching, I have achieved constant success with a wide variety of clients and using our online systems has allowed me to help people who have been based all over the world!

Each client has achieved significant improvements in their health, weight management and weight loss. Through coaching and nutritional education they have been provided with the on-going skills and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.


Online Nutrition Coaching Course

What is the Online Nutrition Coaching Course?

A 6 month Online Nutrition Coaching Programme for individuals who wish to improve the results they are seeing from exercise by optimising their nutrition.

This comprehensive course is aimed at implementing sound nutritional principles to aid with improving: health, body composition, sports performance, strength / muscle gain and fat loss.

A complete nutritional education which empowers the client to use the same principles for whatever future goals they may have. ​

All delivered privately and securely to your PC, Smartphone or Tablet via the Internet.

Who is the Online Nutrition Coaching Course suitable for?

  • Those with no prior knowledge or just a basic understanding of nutrition.
  • Those with the aim of improving their body composition, sports performance (cycling, running, triathlon, weight lifting etc).
  • Individuals who wish to understand how to assemble a healthy meal, why the choices are made and how to adjust food ingredients based on desired goals.
    In short, it's an education not a prescriptive plan.
  • Individuals that are willing to adopt new lifestyle habits to support their goals.
  • Those that are actively engaged in some form of regular exercise (sport, cardio, weight / resistance training etc.)

What will the Online Nutrition Coaching Course do for me?

  • ​Gives a completely bespoke experience that is tailored to your starting point, current knowledge and goals.
  • Provides 'Cheat Sheets' to guide you on everything from food selections, portion sizes, macronutrient education, shopping lists, recipes and even supplements.
  • Provides nutrition education through concise plain English lessons that can be viewed when and wherever is convenient.
  • Maintains progress through weekly check-ins which record body weight, composition and outcomes.
  • Manages the whole journey by setting realistic goals, timeframes and progress milestones.
  • Regular coaching reviews and when necessary amendments to the program.
  • Removes wasted time and effort from uncertainty, changing approach and lack of knowledge.
  • Gets you the results you desire through 1:1 coaching. No more guesswork!

When can I expect results from the Online Nutrition Coaching Course?

  • Substantial results can be expected within 7-14 days of beginning the course.
  • The course spans 6 months to ensure the education is fully understood and ingrained into your daily rituals.

What is the cost of the Online Nutrition Coaching Course?

The monthly subscription is priced at just £125 per month for full access to the programme. 

When you consider that this is 1:1 coaching with a dedicated qualified coach it really is excellent value. Just the saving of sheer wasted time and effort alone will make this course pay for itself.

How do I know that the Online Nutrition Coaching Course will work for me?

Below are a few testimonials from previous coaching clients whose lives have benefited hugely from our coaching of the Precision Nutrition style of eating.

You can view further testimonials on our client testimonials page.

I also recommend that you watch the short video below to see some of the typical and stunning transformations from using this programme.

NA Online Nutrition Coaching Course & Physique Training

NA Switzerland

Since starting the Online nutrition course, I have lost 15kg (33lbs or 2 Stone 5lbs!)
My blood pressure has dropped to a much more acceptable level and I have next to no stomach issues anymore.
All this is due to listening to Glyn and acting on the coaching and lessons provided in the online course.
I would recommend the Online Nutrition Programme to anybody reading my testimonial.
Do NOT hesitate to sign up! The cost of the course could improve your life and health. You can't really put a price on that - can you?

LW Online Nutrition Coaching Course & Physique Training

LW Lanzarote

Starting the Food The Facts online programme helped me to realise that I was eating in a very unhealthy way.

My experience was enjoyable and eye opening! I also found it a very easy programme to stick to.

The most useful part of the coaching experience was having Glyn just a text away to answer any questions as they came up. This helped me to stay on track and not waste effort or time by making bad decisions.

I would 100% recommend this programme to anybody

GR Online Nutrition Coaching Course & Physique Training

GR London

Glyn is very knowledgeable and provides very good material in an easy to follow guide from start to finish.

His weekly sessions allow him to shape the plan to suit you best and aid you on your journey.

I didn’t think my diet was THAT BAD to start with but the education Glyn provided pointed out where I was going wrong (even after years of reading Men’s Health!!!), and this has since helped on my continuous journey.

Following and working with Glyn has given me the education and tools to carry this life lesson on. The website is great and easy to navigate and I have used most of the recipes.

I was amazed at how many times I was allowed to eat and still lose weight and body fat and I never felt hungry!

In a nutshell, you get out what you put in and it gives you the education and tools for you to use to make continuous improvements.

SN Online Nutrition Coaching Course & Physique Training

SN United States

I previously found it difficult to stick to a maintainable strategy. Whenever I have attempted to 'lose weight' or 'get fit' in the past, it has generally been on the principle of increased exercise, plus less eating. I was looking for a program, or an approach, with more longevity and providing a healthier approach to my overall diet.

The best parts of the course for me were that it provides a simple approach / 'rules' to constructing a healthy meal. It focuses on education, rather than handing you a menu plan. This combined with the support from Glyn and the community was fantastic and helped me to succeed.

I was eating pretty healthily (home cooked meals, mostly), and in the past have used diets like Keto - however, I was looking for something that focused more on my overall health, at the same time as losing fat. Something that would be sustainable and not sacrifice good nutrition for a low calorie intake.

From completing the programme, I am much more informed about nutritional choices. I travel a lot for work, which makes a degree of eating out a necessity. This enabled me to make good choices when many variables are outside of my direct control and instead of treating restaurants like 'free cheats', I made menu choices consistent with my goals that week.

Whilst exercise is clearly a component of a healthy lifestyle, I found Glyn's approach to implementing the right amount of exercise informed and complimentary to the nutritional program.

If you've tried dieting before - perhaps following a prescriptive program - try this; it focuses on educating you to make good choices, and that education lasts long after the direct support of the program has ended.

Now, a month after the program has concluded - I continue to make progress towards my goals and continue to be informed by / make decisions because of the Food The Facts program.

JS Online Nutrition Coaching Course


This Nutrition Course is The Answer!

It works, cost less than you might spend on bike upgrades through the year and will improve your Well Being for the rest of your life.

Sounds like I am over doing it, but that is the truth and I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT!

AF Online Nutrition Coaching Course

AF London

Quickly after starting the Nutrition Course I started to see the benefits! The loss of weight was evident with the weekly weigh ins, the tummy was reduced, I had more energy - especially in the afternoons, but I am also able to stay awake later in the evenings. I have also gotten back into mountain biking.

I found that having someone telling me, checking on me, helping me make decisions and for me to understand the intake allowed me to reduce my weight. These were all key.

A side benefit was when I had my well man check-up at the doctors (at my age you get them every two years), last time my cholesterol was a whacking 7.2, after only 5 weeks on the programme it had come down to 4.5, which was a significant feat and brilliant news.

I am now educated and can manage my diet myself, I know what choices make a difference. Choosing when I am on the programme and when I am not is the best bit for me. If I have a bad weekend, I can compensate during the week and control my weight and therefore my health is much better.

SM Online Nutrition Coaching Course

SM Warwickshire

What I would say to anyone thinking about undertaking this programme is the following:

  • It absolutely works and it doesn't feel like a "diet".
  • Go into it with an open mind, forget anything you've been told by other people about eating "low fat" everything.
  • Have faith and just put into practice what you are learning.

You will get results, and for me personally, the results came quite fast. Each week I was noticing that my clothes were getting more and more loose. In approximately twelve weeks I dropped three (almost four!) belt sizes.

Another thing to remember, which was very helpful to me, is that Glyn has been in the same position as you, so he understands how you are feeling, the temptations, etc. This for me was a godsend and sometimes it really helps talking to someone who can relate to what you are going through.

CJ Active Nutrition Coaching Course

CJ Lanzarote

For a couple of years I had been cycling and training but was frustrated that I was never able to lose weight.

Glyn pointed out that you can’t exercise out a poor diet and recommended I try the Active Nutrition Online Course.

The main aim of doing the online active nutrition course was to lose weight and to improve my cycling ability.

Not only do I now look better in Lycra cycling clothes, I feel more energetic and the improvement in my cycling fitness has been dramatic!

I found taking photos of my progress, the weekly reporting and Glyn’s support helped keep me motivated and on track.

I found that by following the eating plan and advice given in the lessons, the weight just dropped off and I also found it very easy to stick to.

What if the Online Nutrition Coaching Course isn't for me?


If in the first 30 days you feel that this programme isn’t going to work for you – let us know and we will cancel your subscription and refund your payment, without any fuss.

This programme has been tried and tested extensively so we are extremely confident in the product and methods.​

We are giving you a Bonus with the Online Nutrition Coaching Course

As a Bonus we are offering all subscribers to the Online Nutrition Coaching Course access to 6 Recipe packs! 

Get started with the Online Nutrition Coaching Course TODAY!

Slots for our coaching services are limited to avoid diluting the care and attention we are able to give to each. I would urge you to sign up today whilst there is availability to avoid having to join a waiting list.

GET YOUR Online Nutrition Course started NOW!

Now is the time to take action!

Just imagine how great you will feel in 3 months when you look back at how far you have progressed.

Simply click the button below to get your transformation journey started today.

N.B. Slots for our coaching services are limited to avoid diluting the care and attention we are able to give to each individual.

I would urge you to sign up today whilst there is availability to avoid having to join a waiting list.

Online Nutrition Course Feature Summary

Online Nutrition Course - Feature List

  • ​Suitable for nutrition novices
  • Course is 6 months in duration
  • 1:1 Coaching throughout course
  • Nutrition education through online lessons
  • Accelerated progress via rapid habit adoption
  • Programme tailored to goals:
    weight loss / gain, fat loss, muscle gain etc.
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Access to private Facebook support group

What you get:

  • Consultation to set goals
  • Regular 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Dashboard for all course materials and lessons
  • Cheat sheets covering all key information
  • Recipe packs
  • Weekly check-ins to cover progress
  • Direct access to coach via email and text
  • Lifetime access to course materials.

€125 / month

All major credit cards taken. 

Want To See What Coaching By A PN Qualified Coach Can Get You?

GET YOUR Nutrition Coaching Course started NOW!

Just imagine how great you will feel in 3 months when you look back at how far you have progressed.

Simply click the button below to get your transformation journey started today.

Now is the time to take action!

N.B. Slots for our coaching services are limited to avoid diluting the care and attention we are able to give to each individual.

I would urge you to sign up today whilst there is availability to avoid having to join a waiting list.

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