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Hi, I'm Glyn Emmett, the Lanzarote Nutrition Coach and founder of

I have recently relocated from the UK to Playa Blanca and I have brought my Online 1:1 Nutrition Coaching service with me. I am now able to offer Lanzarote visitors and residents a unique coaching experience.

Whether you are a sports person, training for maximum results or simply want to improve your health and body composition - I have a service to cater for you.


  • Stop Dieting!
  • Start Eating Well!
  • and Start Living Well!

Below you can find the details of my Pocket Nutrition Coaching programme. It's suitable for all, and delivers 12 months of daily nutrition coaching to build up and instill the healthy nutrition habits for your new healthy lifestyle.

I have also included a FREE gift for Lanzarote Information readers. It's a comprehensive Infographic covering the fundamental flaws associated with Calorie Counting and what to do instead. I think you'll find it extremely interesting and the proposed alternative approach to losing weight refreshingly simple. Of course, if you have any questions on the information provided, please feel free to reach out to me via email -

Pocket Nutrition Coach

What is Pocket Nutrition Coach?

A 12 month Online Nutrition Coaching Programme for nutrition novices or serial dieters. You will work directly on a 1:1 basis with the Lanzarote Nutrition Coach - Glyn Emmett.

The course establishes deeply ingrained, lifelong nutrition habits to stop yo-yo dieting.

All delivered privately and securely to your PC, Smartphone or Tablet via the Internet using web or app.

Who is Pocket Nutrition Coach suitable for?

  • Serial dieters who find short term success in temporary calorie restrictive programmes, then regress to putting the weight back on.
  • Those that are at risk of increased health problems, yet are unable to establish a nutritional regime to reduce weight.
  • Those that are confused by the endless daily headlines of super foods, fad diets, food related health scares, dos and don’ts of eating.
  • Those that feel lethargic, weak & tired.
  • Those that need to achieve a healthy weight but struggle to achieve gains or losses.
  • Busy individuals who have little time for themselves.
  • Those that will benefit from the accountability of working with the Lanzarote Nutrition Coach.

What will Pocket Nutrition Coach do for me?

  • Remove the confusion around what is and isn't healthy eating.
  • Remove judgement and criticism by providing a private and personal approach.
  • Will adapt to fit any lifestyle or dietary requirements.
  • Provide secure personal access to your homepage via the Internet using your PC, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Maintains progress and adherence via daily reminders, tips, support messages and emails.
  • Build nutritional knowledge to allow appropriate food selections for any goals or situations.
  • Provides an optional online support group.
  • Removes the risk of failure, you work within a proven framework to avoid wasted time and effort.

When can I expect results from Pocket Nutrition Coach?

  • Within 7-14 days of adopting the new eating habits you will start to see results!
  • The programme spans 12 months to ensure that the new habits are fully ingrained into your daily rituals. To see the impact that this can have, please view the transformation video below to see some typical results.

What is the cost of Pocket Nutrition Coach?

For a short time ONLY, Pocket Nutrition Coach is priced at just £75 / €90 per month for full access to the daily programme.

When you consider what the program provides this is simply astounding value. These are essential life skills that you really cannot put a price on. 

How do I know that Pocket Nutrition Coach will work for me?

Below are two testimonials from previous coaching clients whose lives have benefited hugely from our coaching of the Precision Nutrition style of eating. These are just 2 previous online clients of the Lanzarote Nutrition Coach. There are many more to review on our nutrition coaching testimonials page.

NA Online Nutrition Coaching Course & Physique Training

NA Switzerland

Since starting the Online nutrition course, I have lost 15kg (33lbs or 2 Stone 5lbs!)
My blood pressure has dropped to a much more acceptable level and I have next to no stomach issues anymore.
All this is due to listening to Glyn and acting on the coaching and lessons provided in the online course.
I would recommend the Online Nutrition Programme to anybody reading my testimonial.
Do NOT hesitate to sign up! The cost of the course could improve your life and health. You can't really put a price on that - can you?

AF Online Nutrition Coaching Course

AF London

Quickly after starting the Nutrition Course I started to see the benefits! The loss of weight was evident with the weekly weigh ins, the tummy was reduced, I had more energy - especially in the afternoons, but I am also able to stay awake later in the evenings. I have also gotten back into mountain biking.

I found that having someone telling me, checking on me, helping me make decisions and for me to understand the intake allowed me to reduce my weight. These were all key.

A side benefit was when I had my well man check-up at the doctors (at my age you get them every two years), last time my cholesterol was a whacking 7.2, after only 5 weeks on the programme it had come down to 4.5, which was a significant feat and brilliant news.

I am now educated and can manage my diet myself, I know what choices make a difference. Choosing when I am on the programme and when I am not is the best bit for me. If I have a bad weekend, I can compensate during the week and control my weight and therefore my health is much better.

You can view further testimonials from other clients that have worked with the Lanzarote Nutrition Coach on the client testimonials page.

I also recommend that you watch the short video below to see some of the typical and stunning transformations from using this programme.

What if Pocket Nutrition Coach isn't for me?


If, in the first 30 days, you feel that this programme isn’t going to work for you – let us know and we will cancel your subscription and refund your payment, without any fuss.

This programme has been tried and tested on over 70,000 people so we are extremely confident in the product and methods.​

We are giving you a Bonus with Pocket Nutrition Coach

As a Bonus we are offering all subscribers to the Coach in Your Pocket programme access to our Recipe pack EBooks. These are normally only provided to subscribers of our more expensive programmes but we feel these are benefit to all so you’re getting access to these as a FREE Bonus!

Get started with YOUR Pocket Nutrition Coach TODAY!

Slots for our coaching services are limited to avoid diluting the care and attention we are able to give to each. I would urge you to sign up today whilst there is availability to avoid having to join a waiting list.

GET YOUR Pocket Nutrition Coach started NOW!

Now is the time to take action!

Just imagine how great you will feel in 3 months when you look back at how far you have progressed.

Simply click the button below to get your transformation journey started today.

N.B. Slots for our coaching services are limited to avoid diluting the care and attention we are able to give to each individual.

I would urge you to sign up today whilst there is availability to avoid having to join a waiting list.

Online Nutrition Course Feature Summary

Active Nutrition Course

Suitable for nutrition novices who are actively engaged in exercise

6 month education course

  • 1:1 Coaching through course
  • Nutrition education through online lessons
  • Accelerated progress via rapid habit adoption
  • Programme tailored to goals: weight loss / gain, fat loss, muscle gain etc.
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Private support group

What you get:

  • Consultation to set goals
  • Regular 1:1 Coaching
  • Dashboard for all course materials and lessons
  • 'Cheat sheets' covering all key information
  • Comprehensive recipe packs
  • Weekly check-ins to cover progress
  • Direct access to coach via email and text

Not Suitable For:

  • Those not exercising

€125 per month

All major credit cards taken. 

Pocket Nutrition Coach!

Nutrition education for complete beginners

12 month habit based nutrition coaching course

  • Establishes good habits
  • Provides education through online lessons
  • Reinforces knowledge through assignments
  • Sets realistic goals
  • Regular check-ins for accountability
  • Progress tracking to goals
  • Improved health, energy, well-being & weight mgmt
  • No prior nutrition knowledge required

What you get:

  • Personal private homepage via Web, SmartPhone or Tablet.
  • Online coach contact
  • Daily nutrition lessons
  • Accountability checks
  • Weekly feedback on: progress, adherence, exercise, outcomes.
  • System refined over 15 years & proven on 70,000+ clients!

Suitable For:

  • Complete beginners

€85 per month

All major credit cards taken. 

Want To See What 365 Days Of Coaching From A Precision Nutrition Qualified Coach Can Get You

Begin YOUR Transformation With The Lanzarote Nutrition Coach Now!

Just imagine how great you will feel in 3 months when you look back at how far you have progressed.

Simply click the button below to get your transformation journey started today.

Now is the time to take action!

N.B. Slots for our coaching services are limited to avoid diluting the care and attention we are able to give to each individual.

I would urge you to sign up today whilst there is availability to avoid having to join a waiting list.

JS Online Nutrition Coaching Course


This Nutrition Course is The Answer!

It works, cost less than you might spend on bike upgrades through the year and will improve your Well Being for the rest of your life.

Sounds like I am over doing it, but that is the truth and I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT!


Calorie Counting Debunked & What To Do Instead

Ever thought to yourself....

There has to be an easier way to lose weight than counting calories and weighing every ingredient!?

Well there is... This comprehensive infographic will tell you:

  1. The true cost of being lean - what the fitness industry doesn't tell you.
  2. The problems with trying to count calories to lose weight.
  3. How combining different types of foods alters the calories absorbed.
  4. A much easier and simpler approach to putting together healthy meals.
Nutrition Coaching Lanzarote

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