How To Win The Diet Game At Weekends

​In this post we look at how to win the diet game at weekends! A common issue is keeping the weekly calorie totals in check.

Whilst progress is usually good Monday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday present challenges!

This infographic includes 5 simple steps you can implement to help you avoid going backwards with your diet on the weekends.

Click on the graphic below to download the full PDF version​.

How To Win The Diet Game At Weekends

Weekends Ruining Weight Loss Progress?

The infographic shows an example of how letting your food & drink intake at the weekend get out of control, can at best, negate your progress and at worst put you backwards.

When setup to diet successfully, you want to be using a mild caloric deficit and this can easily be eroded by a 'wild weekend'!

5 Steps To Win The Diet Game At Weekends

Implement the 5 action steps from our infographic to avoid a weight loss plateau. By using these steps you will ensure you not only enjoy the weekends but also continue to make good weight loss progress.

Online Coaching

If you like the no nonsense, science based approach being promoted in these articles but feel it's all a bit overwhelming - then online coaching could be the perfect solution to help you make the transition.

Our coaching provides full education on why certain food choices are recommended over others - you end the programme not only knowing what food choices to make but why!

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