This is a quick post to tell you that there are 5 must have items you need to have in your fat-loss arsenal. When you see a friend who has these in place - you know they are serious about their body re-composition!

  • Digital weighing scales with a zero (tare) facility
  • Quality plastic storage containers (Tupperware) for storage, transport & freezing of meals
  • Cooler bag
  • Protein Shaker
  • Decent frying pan

These are 5 items that are going to help you on your fat loss journey. Let's take a quick look at why each is important:

Getting Lean 5 Tools For Success

Digital Weighing Scales​

​Quite simply, without being able to accurately weigh your ingredients you are going to be relying on estimation to try to account for your calorie intake.

Whilst it is possible for people who are advanced to get this right, for beginners it's near impossible. Mis-recording a few high calorie items would easily move you out of the weight loss calorie deficit 'zone' and at best into maintenance and at worst into a calorie surplus. It is key to accurately account for the calories you are consuming.

Having an accurate set of digital weighing scales which also have the zero capability make accurately capturing your intake a lot easier. Having a zero facility is a bonus as it allows you to quickly and easily capture the weight of individual ingredients as they are added to a dish.

Getting Lean 5 Tools For Success

Quality Storage Containers (Tupperware)

I've been using the containers that came with my Isobag meal cooler bag for the last 3 years. I am confident that the containers are going to way out last the bag! Having quality containers that can be used in: a cooler bag, fridge, freezer and at the end of the process can be placed in the dish washer makes life easy.

Being able to prepare meals in batches ahead of when they are required makes compliance with your diet plan a lot easier. I recommend investing in a good set of storage containers that are safe to use in the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and do not leach chemicals.

Getting Lean 5 Tools For Success

Cooler Bag

You can check out my review of the IsoBag 6 meal cooler bag for my thoughts on that solution. There are others on the market, such as the MyProtein cooler rucksack. Whichever solution you opt for, having the ability to easily transport meals and avoid them spoiling makes staying on track with your diet a lot easier. If you know a venue is going to have poor choices, simply loading a cooler bag with previously prepared compliant meals and snacks ensures that you don't have to compromise on your diet choices.

Getting Lean 5 Tools For Success

Protein Shaker

No self respecting person looking to lean down would be without a protein shaker. The corner stone of a good protein shake is a quality shaker. Over the years I've certainly tried a few!!! These days I opt for a small MyProtein version which you can find here. My key requirements are: no leaks, small in size (if it holds two scoops plus 200Ml of liquid that's fine for me), no metal ball (whisk) and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). Simple requirements but it's surprising how many shakers don't meet them!

Getting Lean 5 Tools For Success

Frying Pan

A lot of my meals these days are single pan and even those that involve more than one pan, usually include using a frying pan. Investing in a good quality frying pan will repay back multiple times. Through lots of purchases, I have found that investing more is better. As they say, 'buy cheap - buy twice' well I've done that, been there. I now have a quality pan which I have been using for over a year. It is quick to heat up, well made, easy to clean and allows the handle to be removed which is ideal for finishing off a meal under the grill.

The ​Must Have Lean Down Kitchen Tools

So there you have a list of 5 must have items if you are taking your body re composition goals seriously.

If you've got these in your arsenal then you are set-up for success. Start putting them to good use by checking out our recipes section!

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