Fruit Juice Is It Healthy

fruit juice is it healthy

Fruit Juice Is It Healthy? Natural Fruit juice, good for you right? It's all natural and 'stuff'!!

Well what if I told you, that the average 30 min lunchtime cardio session is easily un-done by consuming a large glass of fruit juice in the mornings! Scary eh!!? If you knew you'd be on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes at lunch time just to offset a glass of Orange Juice you had with breakfast - would you still make that choice?

But It's FRUIT Juice It Must Be Healthy?

Yes it is, but it's been processed by the food manufacturer. Ask yourself, would you physically be able to sit down and consume: 8 oranges or 15 apples or two bags of grapes?

Not likely but if you extract just the juice and throw away the skin and pulp - then it becomes easy!

See the problem forming here?

It's made ridiculously easy to overconsume on fruit juice and once the skin and pulp has been removed it's basically just fructose (sugar water).

Fruit Juice and Weight Management Considerations

Drinking your calories is rarely a good idea, especially if your aim is to control calories and drop weight.

Drinking calories is the least satisfying way to consume them and leads to quick processing and absorption by your body.

With fruit juice, a lot of the digestive work that your body would normally have to do has already been done by the food manufacturer.

When Is Fruit Juice A Good Idea?

The only instances where I would recommend consuming fruit juice would be:

  • If you are consciously looking to increase weight!
    Some people struggle to naturally consume sufficient calories to allow them to build muscle. In these instances, drinking your calories is an easy solution.
  • If you've been ill for a period of time, have been existing on limited calories or are dehydrated. Drinking fruit juice can be an easy way to consume and absorb additional calories.
  • If you are involved in pro-longed periods of exercise. E.g. triathlons, road cycling events etc. Where you are exercising intensively for 90+ minutes then it may be beneficial (taking into consideration all other factors) to consume watered down fruit juice.

Impact Of High Fructose Intake

Weight management aside, by including a large glass of pure fruit juice into your daily diet, you are increasing the risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

What you are consuming is effectively just sugar water (fructose).

The body's response to this will be to produce a large and fast insulin spike to try to process the sugar.

Unfortunately, over time, repeated exercise of this process leads to a desensitisation. If the behaviour is left uncorrected, it can eventually lead to Type II Diabetes where the bodies response to the insulin secretion is insufficient to process the volume of sugar.

Now, I am not about to tell anyone to stop eating whole fruits in their natural, unprocessed states. Whilst it may be beneficial to reduce the higher sugar fruits when looking to lose weight, eating whole fruits brings a host of health benefits from the nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre that they bring to the table.

Takeaway For Fruit Juice Is It Healthy?

In summary, there are very few instances where I would recommend fruit juice to a client (the few specific instances are included in the Weight Management Considerations section above).

If you are fond of a glass of juice, I would recommend that it is ideally taken in moderation and does not form a regular cornerstone of your diet.

You are far better off consuming the whole fruits, it will be more satisfying and likely a lot cheaper as well!

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