Diet Perfection Kills Motivation

In this post we're going to look at how Diet Perfection Kills Motivation and how it can be likened to surviving an angry bear attack!!

Have you ever wondered how you survive an attack by an angry bear?!

Diet Perfection Kills Motivation

You may be wondering what the hell that has to do with health and nutrition!

Well, bear (groan) with me…

With nutrition and diet you really don’t need a complicated eating plan to transform your body. You just need to work within your 'nutritional experience' and focus on nailing the BASICS, CONSISTENTLY.

You really don’t need to be 'perfect', either.

Aiming for 'pretty good' is sufficient.

When you’re running from an angry bear, you don’t have to run the fastest….

No, no, no. All YOU have to do is run a little bit faster than the slowest person!!!

(That might come in handy the next time you are walking in the woods!)

The Pain Of Perfectionism

Most of us have perfectionist thoughts or feelings from time to time.

Do any of these look & sound familiar?

  • I always need to do better.
  • My choices at breakfast weren't perfect - that's it I've blown: today / this week / month / hell I might as well quit now!
  • I wish I was like XYZ.
  • I can’t start a nutrition & fitness plan until I have: more free time / get over an injury / get a different job / get over my gym anxiety / get a workout partner / research a few more nutrition articles / [insert perfect life situation here]…
  • I am just a failure - I should accept it.
  • If I can’t do XYZ perfectly, then I won’t do it at all!
  • If I don’t have “high expectations” for myself, then I won’t do anything.

Now, ask yourself the question:

How is that working out for you?

Not very well?

Then, it's time to try the opposite.

Diet Perfection Kills Motivation

Problem is, the more we try to be 'perfect', the worse our long-term performance becomes.

Perfectionists burn out, feel like 'failures', avoid trying new things, procrastinate, don’t learn, and don’t actually improve. (Ironic!)

How can you ever achieve 'perfect' when it doesn't exist - sure fire recipe for failure right there.

Meanwhile, old 'good-enough' folks, keep muddling through, feeling happier, more relaxed, trusting the process more and more, rebounding from setbacks, learning from their mistakes and in the end succeeding.

Chasing perfection is foolhardy. When you do it, you feel awful.

You’re crabby, harsh, critical and controlling. Worst of all, you don’t even get what you want - 'perfect' does not exist.

But thankfully, to achieve our health and fitness goals we never need to be 'perfect'.

We only have to do a little bit better than yesterday.

We aim for progress, not perfection 🙂

Consider these two scenarios:

  1. Chasing an A++ performance for a week and making yourself crazy in the process, then burning out and giving up.
  2. Showing up every day, willing to try, being 'good-enough for now', and sticking to the Food The Facts eating habits.

With scenario 1 you:-

  • Fly out of the blocks full of enthusiasm
  • Quickly fade when you realise it's too much / too quick and unsustainable
  • Fall back to old comfortable habits after 7 days.

With scenario 2 you:-

  • Focus on making a little progress each day rather than trying to be 'perfect'
  • Let yourself be 'good-enough for now'
  • Take the pressure off
  • You start making progress
  • Become patient
  • Build momentum
  • Keep showing up
  • Keep trying
  • End up feeling like a superstar!

And when you do all that...


Diet Perfection Kills Motivation



Diet Perfection Kills Motivation!


Don't wait for the 'perfect' day, the 'perfect' time or the 'perfect' free schedule - it never will - ACT NOW!​

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