Body Transformation Priorities

body transformation priorities

When looking to achieve a transformation, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts and what are the true Body Transformation Priorities.

I've had clients that before coming to me, have been spending hours in the gym, grinding out the same cardio routines week after week without achieving any results. Well the fact is, that if you are relying on cardio alone to produce a transformation, then you are not going to get too far!

Below I lay out how most people see the priorities and how with a little adjustment we can ensure great transformations!

Typical Clients Approach to Body Transformation

Typically, when a client starts working with me, their idea of what they should focus on is similar to the pyramid below. Their priority activities are shown at the bottom of the pyramid working up to the activities seen as least important at the top.

body transformation priorities incorrect

We work to re-address this and put priority on the activities in this order:

body transformation priorities

Body Transformation Priorities:

So, what are the true priorities that are going to get the results we want:

    1. ​Ensure good nutrition is achieved from a balanced diet so that the recomposition is supported by a well functioning system. The food choices need to include nutrient dense choices to ensure the transformation is sustainable. E.g. avoidance of meal replacement type shakes or bars.
    2.  Daily calories IN are set to an appropriate level, which is set to achieve the programme goal.
    3. Resistance training is prioritised over cardio. The transformational benefits from resistance training carry on for several days, where as the body quickly recovers from cardio activity and further calorie burn tails off soon after the session.
    4. The correct macronutrient (macro) ratios are established so that as well as consuming the correct amount of calories, a balanced spread of macros is also consumed.
      The ratios are established based on the individual and the programme goals.
    5. A limited amount of cardio is recommended. The duration and activity being set to the minimum amount required to achieve the desired outcome of the programme.
    6. A minimal set of scientifically proven supplements are recommended. These will be targeted to the programme goal.

Setting your focus and priorities as above will ensure that your journey of body transformation is on the right track! 

Action Plan - How To Put It Into Practice!

  1. Eat a variety of fresh, minimally processed foods.
  2. Adopt a health focussed grocery shopping routine.
  3. Calculate and set your daily calorie budget to achieve your goals.
  4. Implement a progressive resistance training programme.
  5. Set and track daily macronutrient totals.
  6. Use the least amount of HIIT cardio exercises to achieve goals.
  7. If required, implement an appropriate supplementation strategy.

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