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Hi, I’m Glyn Emmett and I’ve been into working out and fitness for over 25 years and my goal is to provide you with quality, factual information on food, nutrition and working out.

To be completely honest my fitness journey has been a varied one. It’s taken me a long time to really appreciate what works and what can be left to the gym ‘bros’. It is my intention to spread the good word of what works in terms of nutrition and exercise through this website.

To delve a little deeper into my fitness background, I began lifting weights when I was 17, using a Joe Weider dumbbell set and one of the supplied programmes. Hey, it was the period of muscle movies and if you are from the UK – Gladiators! I’m sure we each had our favourite muscle movie star or Gladiator that we wanted to emulate. Anyway, back to my Joe Weider plastic dumbbell set! So whilst I loved the feeling of working out, hitting rep after rep on my plastic dumbbells, followed by crunch after crunch the end results weren’t really proportionate to the amount of effort I was putting in. This became a common theme…

Over the years I continued to hit the gym with enthusiasm, following the weight lifting routines recommended by the ‘Fitness’ magazines :- high repetition, isolation routines spending over an hour a session in the gym and combining this with cardio to boot.

At the age of 40 I realised I was fighting a losing battle. There was only so much grinding cardio I could do and even with a regular 20 minute treadmill run, followed by an hours weight lifting 5 days a week my weight continued to creep up. There had to be a better way….

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Nutrition Education

At this point I decided to educate myself, what I already knew simply wasn’t working. It’s not an easy thing to do. There is a ton of misinformation and downright incorrect advice out there. You can feel like it’s you that is at fault and that you are just not putting in enough effort. Well the truth is, you’re probably putting in more than you need and should just re-adjust and do things a little smarter.

The revelation for me was the sheer scale of the role that nutrition actually plays in getting into great shape.

It’s so much easier to control what goes into your mouth than attempt to exercise it off – “you can’t exercise out a bad diet!”. I had previously assumed that nutrition planning and education was only required by elite sports competitors. The truth is, it benefits anyone that can embrace it.

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At the age of 40, and weighing in at 95kg / 14st 9Lbs (bearing in mind I am only 5″8), I embarked on the crusade of obtaining the elusive six pack. What I didn’t realise was just how much this goal would consume me and shape the rest of my life. Now, that probably sounds very dramatic but I am a very focussed person and I quickly realised that to achieve my goal I needed to fully understand diet and nutrition. This coupled with a well structured exercise programme was what was needed to get me to my goal.

Once I began to implement nutritional changes, things started to change – dramatically.

Well, I am happy to say I did achieve my goal and these days I tend to ‘hang out’ around 10% body fat or less depending on how often I am likely to be wearing speedos ;-).


Now it’s probably at this point that you are expecting me to make out that having visible abdominals is easy and that everyone can achieve it. Well I’m not going to say that. What I do believe is very attainable for all, is to be lean. This is classified as being in the 10-15% BF range for men and 20-25% for women and trust me when I say, you will feel like a million Dollars when you are in this category. If you want to push it further and attain the 6 pack – no problem we can build a programme to get you there.

So that’s some background into my journey and despite me having been there and done it, you may still be asking yourself – “why should I trust this guy with my time, effort and money”. Well that’s a fair question and here are a few points to put your doubts at ease:-

  • I followed up all my independent reading, research and trials on my own body with a Precision Nutrition coaching course to formalise my learnings. I am now qualified as a PN coach.
  • The Nutrition Coaching programme available to you as a client is based on the PN system but has also been strategically enhanced, the aim is to give you the information you need to be fully informed and independent following the course. You will be fully equipped to make the best nutritional choices on your own in any situation – at a party, on a flight, at a work lunch etc.
  • I’ve been that overweight person, I’ve worked a 14 hour day job and been tight for workout and food preparation time. I can help streamline what needs to be done and make it simple so you do it instinctively.
  • I’ve worked with multiple people to obtain the fitness goals and body composition they desire. Give me your commitment and you will be the next one.

Hopefully that’s enough of an insight to convince you to stay with us. From here, I recommend checking out the Articles and Recipe sections of the site, there is lots of free information, which if you review, digest and implement will start to improve your health and performance even without a 1:1 coaching programme. So what have you got to lose.

To close, my final message, borrowing a quote from one of my favourite movies:-



Enjoy the site – I hope the information proves useful.

Glyn Emmett Pn1.
Founder of Food The Facts.


Precision Nutrition Coach
Certified Nutrition Coach


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