10 Diet Mistakes and How To Fix Them

In this post we review 10 diet mistakes that are commonly made and I tell you how to go about fixing them.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #1 – Prioritising exercise over diet

The old saying, ‘You can’t exercise out a bad diet’ is 100% true.

If you’ve been ‘spinning your wheels’ and making little to no progress with your current diet and exercise routine, then I urge you to step back and re-assess your diet.

Battling in the gym with weights and cardio to balance out a high calorie intake makes progress difficult. I was guilty of this one for years! Now, I exercise less, enjoy it more and easily maintain my weight through diet. I urge you to do the same.

I would recommend skipping your next: spin / body pump / weights session that you’ve got booked and use that time to reassess your diet or better yet sign up with a professional that can help you with this.

Our online nutrition coaching programs analyse your current diet and provide guidance and accountability to implement changes to help you achieve your goals. The programs are affordable and will pay back with health and vitality for the rest of your life.

Nutrition Coaching

Our programs are personalised to the individual and cover everything you need to achieve weight management (loss, maintain or muscle gain).
You get a dedicated coach that works with you DAILY to ensure you are on track and making progress. 
Priced at €85 per month.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #2 – Eating high calorie foods

One of the most common problems that I see when analysing a new client’s diet diary is that they want to lose weight but they have a number of high calorie foods included in their diet.

Typically the client is unaware of what foods come with a high calorie price tag and which don’t.

The culprits tend to be overly processed low-fat food items which have had fat removed and have been loaded with sugar to make them remotely palatable. The client thinks they are eating healthily by avoiding fat but in reality are eating high calorie, unsatisfying foods.

By simply becoming aware of the calorie content of the typical foods you eat (calorieking.com) you can make informed decisions as to whether eating a certain item will be a problem.

Once you have an appreciation of calories in common foods, it becomes easy to structure meals according to your goals.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #3 – Eliminating macronutrients  groups (fats or carbs)

I see this one regularly. Where people have tried using low-fat or low-carb ‘elimination’ type diets to lose weight - only to feel lousy and live in a limbo state, not enjoying their lives during weight loss.

It doesn’t have to be this way!​

Restricting any of the 3 macronutrients will have an impact on your: health, performance and overall ‘well-being’.

Over eating of one macronutrient is not responsible for weight gain – exceeding the daily calories that your body needs does (Energy Balance).

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #4 – Not tracking / logging intake

When there is ‘mystery’ surrounding the lack of diet progress, it’s always a good idea to start keeping a food diary. This allows analysis of exactly what’s being consumed and in line with Mistake 1, can help to pin-point where issues are arising.

If you don’t monitor it – how can you manage it?

When recording food intake, common mistakes are: not accounting for oils, sauces, condiments, drinks and little extras that are consumed during meal prep or when clearing away.

If you are struggling to make progress – record everything that goes into your mouth. It may seem a little onerous but when analysed it will be very obvious where the problem lies.

10 Diet Mistakes #5 – Eating a low-fat diet

For years, the advice has been to reduce fat intake. Unfortunately it’s not as clear-cut as that. Some fats are actually key to good health, whilst others are to be avoided as much as possible.

Eating natural healthy fats needs to be incorporated into the diet for (amongst other things) cell repair and hormone regulation.

If in doubt, educate yourself or obtain help from a nutrition coach.

Nutrition Coaching

Our programs are personalised to the individual and cover everything you need to achieve weight management (loss, maintain or muscle gain).
You get a dedicated coach that works with you DAILY to ensure you are on track and making progress. 
Priced at €85 per month.

10 Diet Mistakes #6 – Understanding daily calorie needs

Without knowing the number of calories for your goal, it’s impossible to know if you are: on-track, under or over.

The most simple (and surprisingly accurate) way to calculate your maintenance calories is to multiple your current body weight (in lbs) x 15

This will provide the daily calories for an average person, with average levels of activity to maintain their current weight.

I would recommend eating at this level initially and adjusting down or up if you are still gaining / losing weight (respectively).

You’ll be surprised how close the original number was to the one you end up with.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #7 – Allowing one poor meal to get out of control

When looking to lose weight, abstaining from treats and high calories foods can be difficult. Nearly everyone slips up at some point or other…

The difference between those which fail and those that succeed in getting to their long term goals is that the winners don’t allow this to become a complete write off of the: day / week / month!

Remember, you can only affect the future, if things have gone off track – learn from it and look to see if there were obvious triggers that could be avoided a second time around.

Most importantly, chalk it up and get back on track ASAP.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #8 – Unconsciously snacking

Mindless snacking can easily lead to eating above our daily calorie allowance. It’s a much better approach to plan for snacks, acknowledge that they are needed (mid-morning and mid-afternoon anyone!) and structure our meal plans to include them.

If the choices are planned and healthy there is huge benefit in having them.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #9 – Giving in to peer pressure

Whether it’s the Birthday cakes in the office or the lunchtime / early evening visit to the Pub, you are likely to be put under pressure to go off track at some point.

Whilst it might seem impolite to decline, you need to evaluate these situations against your goals and decide what’s truly important to you.

If you are prepared to put in extra effort at the gym or adjust your days meals to fit in that cake or several rounds of drinks, then that can work.

As part of our Online Nutrition Coaching Program we cover these situations and how to make them work best.

10 diet mistakes

10 Diet Mistakes #10 – Considering the changes a temporary diet rather than a sustainable lifestyle choice

When people start to eat a healthy diet they treat it as a temporary state. Any change that is implemented in this way will only have a temporary outcome (whilst it’s in place).

Once the 'temporary diet’ is ended, then the usual habits, choices and inevitable results return.

You need a program that allows you to make a lifestyle change, that is fully sustainable for the rest of your life. Let me help you!

By signing up to our Online Nutrition Programme you will be educated in the optimal nutritional choices for your goals and have a system that you can use (easily) for the rest of your life!




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